Keep Doors Rolling

Allen, Eugene. “Keep Doors Rolling.” PC & D, July 2020. Pages 34-36.

Sometimes, the smallest components of a carwash can cause the biggest operational issues. Even the tiniest part failing may have the unfortunate effect of shutting down a tunnel or bay during a site’s busiest time of year. One good example would be the unheralded heroes of modern operations: the rollers used by equipment throughout wash tunnels and bays.

Searching For Ultimate Carwash Doors and Operator Products?


American Garage Door Supply Inc. purchased Ultimate Supply of Raleigh, NC’s remaining inventory after they closed their doors in 2019. We now have all the original factory service parts and replacement components that you need to properly services, maintain and replace the Ultimate Illuminator Polycarbonate Carwash Garage Doors, Ultimate Air-Powered Openers and Electric DC Operator Systems.

We can help you keep your customers’ car and truck was operations in full swing with genuine Ultimate door and opener service and replacement parts. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to help no matter what your needs, our goal is to help you keep your customers operating seamlessly and profitably every day.

  • Illuminator Garage Door Components
  • Ultimate and Superior Air-Powered Operator Parts
  • Ultimate EM2 Electrical Operators


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